Our Molten Splash Clothing

Our molten splash clothing is crafted from advanced technical fabrics that blend cotton, F-acrylic, and FR flame-retardant viscose. Our Aluminised and Aluminised+ PPE lines further incorporate para-aramid and carbon. These collections are differentiated not only by their material composition but also by their adherence to the EN 11612 standard benchmarks for D (molten aluminium protection) and E (molten metal splash protection). Notably, our Alu+ range delivers superior performance with a level 3 rating in both categories, compared to the Alu range’s level 2. Designed expressly to safeguard against the thermal hazards associated with molten aluminium and other metals, our product suite encompasses jackets, trousers, coveralls, caps, oversleeves, and hoods.

  • Molten Aluminium Vest

  • Molten Aluminium Jacket+

  • Molten Aluminium Trousers

  • Molten Aluminium Trousers+

  • Molten Aluminium Coverall

  • Molten Aluminium Coverall+

  • Molten Aluminium Cap

  • Molten Aluminium Cap+

  • Cap For Molten Aluminium Without Visor

  • Molten Aliminium Cap+ Without Visor

  • Molten Aluminium Cap With Neck-Guard

  • Molten Aluminium Cap+ With Neck-Guard

  • Molten Aluminium Hood

  • Molten Aliminium Hood+

  • Molten Aluminium Oversleeves

  • Molten Aluminium Oversleeves+

  • Pack: Aluminium Hood And Helmet With Clear Visor

  • Pack: Aluminium Hood+ And Helmet With Clear Visor

  • Pack: Aluminium Hood And Gold Visor Helmet

  • Pack: Aluminium Hood+ And Helmet With Gold Visor

PLEASE NOTE: The above is just a selection of the products we offer. For more information, please contact us or get a quote.

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